Friday, October 17, 2008

Getting Simple Travel Discounts

Many people want to travel, but cannot make it due to the inflation. However, there are many ways to low down your travel costs. Internet is the best place to find discounts on hotels, airfare and car rentals.

Travel companies offer discounts on airline tickets occasionally. Check their websites often for these offers. You may obtain an email about the discount for your dream destination if you register on such a website. Sometimes airline companies do provide discounts on hotel rates through online reservations. These discounts may help you to save about half of the actual cost.

Indirect route of flights help you to save more than the direct flights. If you plan to travel via two planes, then your total airfare may be cheaper than the airfare of the single plane. Sometimes there are packages that merge airfare and hotel rates. The cost of these packages is low than the total cost of airfare and hotel rents, when paid individually. A trio package including airfare, hotel and car rents may help you to save a huge amount of money. Hotels do offer customers with certain travel discounts, who stay for more than one week.

Points to Remember:

The airfare varies from peak hours to midday flights. You may pay low fare at Wednesday and Thursday. Try to avoid booking flights on weekends. You may also find low airfares at off-seasons. It is better to travel at places, when tourist season fades. House rentals are a great replacement for hotels as the rates of house rentals are much lower than hotels.

Another way for travel discounts is online booking. However, there are many restrictions of online booking. Generally, there is no refund system in online booking. Online booking is available only for limited period of time. It helps you to gain extra points on your travel credit card and will help you to save more on purchase of your next ticket with that company.

Travel companies are loaded with offers for children, college students and senior citizens. Children below 14 may not require any fee at theme parks. College students may have the lowest fares for international journey. Students with credit cards may enjoy more benefits of such travel discounts.

Senior citizens may get 50% discounts on airfares and hotel rates. To enjoy these benefits, you have to inquire about any child, student and senior citizen discount programs to your tour organizer. In addition, register yourself and your family members under frequent flier programs. Make sure there is no limitation for any discount programs.

Magazines, newspapers and other general books have different coupons for travel discounts such as hotel discount programs, car rental concession and restaurant discount coupons. If you are planning to visit certain museums, browse over the Internet for their special exhibitions, opening and closing time and their entrance fee. Inquire about any free admission day or about any discounts for children and senior citizens.


Many people focus only on discounts on airfares and hotel rates, and overlook small expenses. However, pay attention to these expenses to save some amount of money for your next grand holiday.

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Friday, October 10, 2008

Hawaii a Surfers Paradise Vacation Destination

The sport of surfing dates back to the 15th century AD when Hawaiians referred to it as "He'enalu" or wave sliding as it is translated. It is no secret that the Hawaiian people are considered to be the Fathers of Surfing. However, most people don't understand what an important facet of Hawaiian lifestyle that the sport really was.

In its beginning, surfing was revered as a sacred ritual and only higher society members were allowed to take part in the activity. The kings and queens of Hawaii were the original surfers, so to speak. However, it is ironic how surfing has evolved to the sport that it is today, as well as how it is enjoyed by people from all walks of life i the general population.

Despite the history, surfing is here to stay and the embodiment of the surfer's paradise can be found on the numerous beaches of Hawaii, but not just any beaches. Despite the fact that there are numerous people that will argue, claiming it doesn't matter what beach you travel to, there are several beach areas that hold the majority of the allure for the serious or competitive surfer. However, if you are truly desirous of an adventure into a surfer's paradise, the following tips will give you a better picture of the choices that abound in Hawaii.

The top destination spot on the list is (and probably always will be) found on the island of Oahu Waikiki Beach. Renowned worldwide for its amazing sunsets, proximity to Diamond Head, and white sand beaches, this two mile strip of beach is a magnet for surfers from all parts of the globe. The downside is that Waikiki is always crowded, so be sure to plan far enough in advance if you want that surfing vacation to be here. You definitely want to pre-book your vacation rentals in Waikiki enough time before your trip.

The number two destination on the list is Lanikai Beach and is also located on Oahu. Lanikai translates as heavenly sea and a truer statement has never been made, considering the sugary colored beaches and the turquoise blue waters that paint the beach landscape. The actual beach spans roughly a mile in length and the locals constantly praise how relaxing it is to swim in the water as well as surf in it.

Hanalei Bay Beach ranks third on the list of popular surfing destinations. Located on the
northern shores of Kauai, there is a part of the beach that spells romance to those that are not just there for the sport itself. Considered to be one of the most romantic beaches in the Island State, Hanalei Bay was meant to be enjoyed by surfers and hopeless romantics alike. Amazing waterfalls, azure-blue waters, lush, emerald-colored mountains, and those bright white sands of the beach area are more than enough to entice anyone into spending time there. On top of that, there is an abundance of vacation rentals.

Finally, Kaanapali, a.k.a. the Black Rock Beach, is located on the western shores of the island of Maui which has become the most increasingly visited island of the chain. For years, it was only Oahu that was the primary destination with maybe a day's adventure planned as a part of the vacation. However, Maui and its charm have definitely altered that mindset in recent years. Kaanapali is a destination that targets and tempts the active vacationer with surfing, snorkeling, swimming, scuba diving, and jet skiing. It's definitely not a vacation spot for those who want to sit idly and watch.

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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Tips For Effective Travel

For business meetings or for vacation holidays, people do travel a lot. There are certain things that you ought to remember such as backpacking habits, favorable weather conditions and (Global Positioning System) GPS to make your travel a lot safer.

To make your wilderness tour better, you need to focus on certain backpacking travel tips. For example, while hiking, chances are more to get dehydrated, hence you need to carry at least two bottles of water to avoid dehydration. If there is no water source nearby your hiking zone, then make sure that you drink enough water. Urine indicates the level of dehydration. Urine may be bright yellow in color, if you are feeling dehydrated.

Effective Travel Tips:

Look at the weather conditions frequently. It is good if you charge your cell phone battery fully. Turn on your cell phone only in emergency cases. A GPS unit may help to give you appropriately in the direction of your journey.

One more vital tip, while hiking or wild tour is to have a good quality tent, because this will be your home throughout your journey. Make sure the tent you will be using is light in weight and must be capable to protect you from weather conditions. Good tents have enough space.

When traveling with your family, it will be better to take suggestions from your kids or parents to select the location for holidays.

Security consulting agencies have rated few countries as world’s most dangerous countries for tourists. These ratings are given based on certain factors such as terrorism, kidnapping, criminality rate and geopolitical instability.

Travelers/tourists need to avoid visiting these countries. If you still wish to visit these places, then travel with professional bodyguards only. Countries such as Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan are among the world’s dangerous countries.

Another one of the most beneficial travel tips is to insure your life under a travel insurance policy, especially when you are travel in such dangerous countries.

Many travel insurance providers offer travel insurance plans for these types of journeys. Insurance agencies may cancel your policy under Federal recommendations in some places. In addition, these plans may not cover injuries due to terrorist activities or war situations. Look for those plans that also include medical coverage.

Other Vital Travel Tips:

You may rent a car for traveling on roads. There are few tips to save money on fuel, as fuel prices are increasing day-by-day. If you are traveling alone, a small-sized car may be the perfect choice as small cars give more mileage. Cars with manual transmission have more power and more mileage than cars with automatic transmission. In addition, renting a car with automatic transmission is high. A GPS enabled car saves lots of time and money to travel through the routes you want. Next, depending on the location you intend to tour, decide whether to use an air-conditioned car or non air-conditioned car.

Nowadays, airlines conduct stern security procedures. Therefore, ensure you step in the airport well before your scheduled time of departure.

h the routes you want. Next, depending on the location you intend to tour, decide whether to use an air-conditioned car or non air-conditioned car.

Nowadays, airlines conduct stern security procedures. Therefore, ensure you step in the airport well before your scheduled time of departure.

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