Thursday, May 28, 2009

Cheap Holidays to Santorini

Greece is rich in natural resources, tourist spots, history and culture. The country also has islands that are swarmed by tourists and guests every year. Among these islands, Santorini is blessed in both their land and aquatic resources. The island has much to offer in their beaches and mountain ranges that would surely make your holiday a worthwhile.

Santorini is a perfect place to venue your holiday if you want it cheap and exciting. There are so many places to go to and enjoy the day under the sun on their beaches. So if you are planning to visit Santorini over and over again then that would not be a problem. This island is very appealing to those who love extreme adventures and to those who want to know more about the past. The island is also good for family outings or family holidays.

Santorini is a perfect place for you to study the history of Greece. The Santorini Archeological Museum and the Santorini Nautical Museum homes the artifacts from the past and keep records and documents of the past making it conducive for learning. If you would also like to study its religion, then the Santorini Orthodox Metropolitan Cathedral or the Santorini Catholic Cathedral will provide you relevant information. You will surely be stunned from the beauty of these architectures.

Santorini is also a volcanic island. Perhaps it is the most astounding attraction that the island can offer. Touring around the volcano is possible because they provide cruise that would take you to the beautiful spots. You can also take a walk to the hardened lava. Since Santorini is a volcanic island, hot springs are around the place. The most popular hot springs in Santorini are located in Palea Kameni. These hot springs is believed to possess therapeutic capabilities.

The island is populated with charming and eye-catching villages. The most popular village is Oia. In Oia you will experience a dramatic view during sunset. This village will also provide you a charming view of the volcano of Paglia and Nea Kameni. The island of Thirassia can also be seen. You will surely have a wonderful experience when you decide to visit the cafes and stores in the village because of the wonderful view that you will see. Oia is also filled with creative artists. Be sure to buy a souvenir for their art are one of a kind.

The beaches in Santorini vary from red to black. Yes. They are indeed very unique because of the presence of the volcano. Theses beaches are swarmed by tourists every summer. Who does not want to experience a dive to this unique beach? I guess everybody would surely want to have a dip and this experience is something you could be proud of.

A Holiday to Santorini is a great opportunity to strengthen the ties and bonds of the family. Cheap and last minute deals to Santorini are really ideal. You would surely save ample amount of money and the same time experience an extraordinary holiday experience.

About the Author:Jessica Nielson- Having a break is what most of us really needs now a day. Cheap holidays 24 will guide us and even book our holidays for us to have a hassle free holiday experience. Holidays in Santorini is one of a kind. You will experience a unique dive on their red to black sea. Aside from their astounding beaches, hot springs are also available in the area.


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Friday, April 24, 2009

Why Take a Self Drive Golf Holiday in Northern France

Whether you want to take the Eurotunnel under the channel for an early tee time, or sail across and spend a longer holiday amongst the available holes, self drive golf holidays in France are incredibly enjoyable and well worth the trip. We examine why you should chose to drive yourself across the channel and some of the many benefits this kind of holiday brings…

Why Take a Self Drive Golf Holiday in Northern France

Northern France offers some of the best golfing holidays and experiences in the world. From luxurious hotels to immaculate courses, the region is overflowing with opportunities for avid golfers, especially if you want to travel to more than one of the great courses on offer. We look at some of the reasons to take a self drive golf holiday to Northern France, and the many advantages this type of holiday brings…


One of the main reasons to go on a self drive golf holiday to Northern France is the various speeds with which you can get there. If you decide to, you can take a long cruise across the channel, taking in the coasts of Britain and France and enjoying the trip to the full. However, if like most of us you can’t wait to be out on the fairway, you can take the Eurotunnel. At 35 minutes from Folkstone to Calais, you can be at your destination less than an hour after you depart (depending on relative distances). This also means that with some careful planning you can take a half day, be on the course by the afternoon, spend the evening at the clubhouse or local hotel and then be back at work the next day.


Another great reason for taking your car on a golf holiday in France is the flexibility it offers you. Taking your own car means less time worrying about the minutiae of how you get to the course and more time on the course itself.

Taking your car also gives you more flexibility when it comes to accommodation; not waiting for a taxi, chauffer or transfer means you can stay in the hotel of your choice, be it linked with the clubhouse, in the next town, or even a boutique hotel further into the Normandy countryside. It also makes your French golf holiday more tailored to your needs – if you want to get to the course earlier or leave a little later; you are in control with your own car.

Choice of courses

Taking your own car has another added benefit on a golf holiday in France, that of choice of courses to play on. While you obviously choose which course you want to play on, if you want to play on more than one over the period of your golf holiday, a car is invaluable. Booking the tee time of your choice at several of Northern France’s gorgeous and prestigious golf courses presents a problem unless you can actually get there, and being autonomous with your own transport makes this much easier.

Taking a self-drive golf holiday in Northern France gives you the flexibility, choice and luxury you deserve on your holidays. It also provides you with the control over where you go, at what time, and for how long as opposed to being at the mercy of deadlines and leaving times from shuttles and hotel taxis.

About the Author: Morgan Clarke is the Managing Director of French Golf Holidays - a company that has been providing incredible golf holidays in France for over 25 years. This award-winning specialist tour operator is determined to offer the best possible golf holidays in France to everyone from experienced golfers to complete novices.


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Saturday, April 11, 2009

How About a River Cruise For Your Next Vacation

Sometimes it’s a challenge coming up with something new for your next holiday, isn’t it? There are so many choices for places to visit and so many things that still remain to be seen. So, why do the same thing this year? Try something new. Go somewhere you’ve never been before. Or experience something you’ve never done.

River cruises can be the perfect solution to both. They offer the chance to experience a new history, a new culture and a new vista. And all of this can be experienced through what may be a new method of travel for you: a riverboat.

The other piece of good news is that no cruise on a river is ever done at a frenetic pace. It’s the ideal way to help you unwind. There is no more relaxing and rewarding way to see some of the most beautiful countries and countryside imaginable. All of this and more can be enjoyed from the very unique perspective of a region’s inland waterways.

With the exception of Antarctica, there is no continent without a navigable river. The first thing on the menu is deciding where you’d like to go. What about the upper Amazon with its indigenous peoples or the Yangtze and the secrets of China’s dynasties? Then there’s the Nile with the awestruck mysteries of ancient Egypt. Or do you want to follow in the footsteps of Mark Twain down the Mississippi? What about the mighty Danube passing through a multiplicity of European cultures before emptying into the Black Sea? These are just a handful of rivers that can open up windows onto new destinations and new experiences.

Next is deciding exactly what kind of experience appeals most. Are you more interested in exploring nature and wildlife? Or do ancient civilizations appeal more? What about the history and architecture of the Renaissance? Are these more to your liking? Or does peeking into indigenous societies whose lives are relatively untouched by the western world attract you? Maybe the appeal is simply a destination that has been dancing in your imagination ever since you were kid?

Any one of these experiences isn’t necessarily mutually exclusive from one another, but it does help to know what turns your crank the most. River cruises can deliver on any of these, but it’s vitally important to let your preferences lead the way.

Needless to say, budget is also essential in considering and helping to determine where you want go and how you want to do it. River cruises to the more inaccessible reaches of the upper Amazon are going to cost more than a cruise on the Mississippi. One of the very attractive features of most riverboat cruises is that shore excursions are often included in the price. This makes it easier to determine most of your costs before you leave.

The popularity of river cruises is growing exponentially and tons of research material is now available online. But planning and research is easy. What’s harder is identifying your desires and preferences (and budget)! Although these questions are sometimes more difficult to contend with, the answers will make your next unique vacation infinitely more rewarding. For more information visit

About the Author: Jackie Johnson-It’s hard to fathom, but there are over 250 specialty cruise lines throughout the world. And this state-of-the-art website will house an encyclopedic collection of information and advice on specialty cruises. For more information on river cruises visit


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Saturday, March 21, 2009

A Canal Cruise: A Guarantee Against Seasickness

Looking for a cruise with an almost ironclad guarantee for avoiding seasickness? Then what could possibly be calmer, more serene, than a canal cruise?!

Many seasoned travelers are beginning to look for alternatives to the traditional cruise. And there are those who’d never even consider going on what they disparagingly refer to as a big-box cruise. Thankfully, alternatives are plentiful and barge cruising may just be the option that captures your imagination.

Barges have come a long way from their working past. Today, luxury abounds on many of these vessels that have been transformed into mini floating hotels. You can still find barge cruising in North America and even in China, but by far the quintessential barge cruise experience is found in Western Europe or Britain.

Mainstream cruising can be fun but big cruise ships have to stick to deep water. A canal cruise can take you to places that the larger cruise ships could never get to. ‘Hotel’ barges cruise the inland waterways of the European and British countryside along canals, rivers, lakes and over locks. This is your great opportunity to visit these countries and experience the true essence of life, far from the madding crowd.

Barges now offer passengers the same great food, wine and service of the luxury cruise ships, but with a far more intimate experience. If cruising equates to a floating hotel, then the barge is the quaint, boutique hotel of the fleet.

Immerse yourself in an ambiance you will share with only a handful of others. When you have between six and sixteen passengers, it gives a whole new meaning and pleasure to an intimate cruise experience. Savor a side to Europe you will never otherwise encounter. And do it all with style and panache. It really is like touring on someone’s private boat, stopping here and there as your fancy strikes. Not even an adventurous self-drive into the backwoods and country lanes will net you the opportunity to get really deep into the pockets of Western Europe and the British Isles. Only barging truly can.

One of the best places to begin your research is online. But don’t make the Internet your final stop. Find a travel agent specialist who has booked many clients on these cruises. Every barge cruise line isn’t the same and it is prudent to deal with someone who knows the pluses and pitfalls. It can make the difference between a memorable and a forgettable barge cruise vacation.

A canal cruise is an exciting option to explore a destination in ways you’ve never done before. Plus the pace at which you journey is one of enforced relaxation. Barges move at a slow pace, allowing passengers to go ashore to walk or to cycle along the original towpath. You can even rejoin your vessel further down the line. Back on board, fine wines and exquisite cuisine abound as you enjoy the company of other like-minded travelers. You can see castles on the escarpment above, local markets bursting with freshness and vignettes of rural life from days gone by. Battlefields, mind-boggling cultural delights, and other remnants of history await you on a unique canal cruise – a journey by barge. For more information visit

About Jackie Johnson: It’s hard to fathom, but there are over 250 specialty cruise lines throughout the world. And this state-of-the-art website will house an encyclopedic collection of information and advice on specialty cruises. For more information on a canal cruise visit


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