Wednesday, December 3, 2008

North Carolina Vacations May Be Right Up Your Alley

If you have never experienced the wonders of the Southeast parts of the United States, the state of North Carolina may just be the destination for you. Whether it's time at a beautiful beach, or winding through a lush forest and over mountaintops, North Carolina has something for everyone to enjoy. Quite possibly, one of the best ways to enjoy vacationing throughout North Carolina is by virtue of cabin rentals.

North Carolina's climate tends to be milder than other areas in the Southeast as far as its climate and topography are concerned, so the thought of vacationing in cabin rentals is not a stretch of the imagination by any means. Hotels and motels tend to get very crowded during peak vacation periods of the year, and there has always been an abundance of cabin rentals throughout the state.

Cabin vacations in North Carolina have grown in popularity in recent years, so you probably want to plan ahead for this and give yourself enough leeway to avoid that last minute stress of finding a nice rental at your destinations.

The climate in certain areas of North Carolina can get sub-tropical, and for this reason, the vacationers who have been renting cabins for their vacation spots have developed a preference for this type of vacation abode. And oftentimes, these same vacationers will tell you that simple is best. On the other hand, you have to consider the family issue when you travel as well. If there are children accompanying you on the vacation, you obviously want them to be comfortable and have as much fun as possible.

Vacation cabin rentals have grown in popularity for numerous reasons, but remember that the premise about a cabin vacation is getting into the outdoors and experiencing the wonders that nature has created for our enjoyment. Though cabins can be simple structures for the most part, don't let that fool you when it comes to the amenities that some of them can have. However, it's capturing the ambiance of the outdoors that matters most when it comes to a cabin vacation.

Basic cabin components are wood and sometimes other organic materials very simple, yet extremely durable in construction. They give you the feeling that you are living in one of the more traditional North Carolina homes, as a result. The nice part about it is the amenities provide you with all of your needs, such as cooking, relaxing/sleeping, and even watching television or videos. Normally, all cabin rentals come with these basic amenities, but there are others that provide more, at a higher price, of course.

Cabins are ideal for the more leisurely activities of your vacation. During the winter months you can ski, sled, snowboard, or have snowball fights that are second to none. In the summer months take the kids fishing, go for a rigorous hike, or just meander through the forests at your own pace. These seasonal reasons provide the biggest meaning behind attaining enjoyment during your vacation if you have rented a cabin for the trip.

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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Cast Your Reel For Northern Pike on an Alaska Vacation

Sport fishing has been steeped in popularity for decades. It's a common assumption when one refers to sport fishing that they are always thinking about marlin, sailfish, or swordfish, a.k.a. the saltwater varieties of trophy-sized fish. However, you are definitely missing the boat (no pun intended) if you think all the excitement is reserved exclusively for ocean fishing. There is much excitement to be had with a freshwater fishing vacation - especially if you journey to Alaska in search of the Northern Pike.

Northern Pike are found to be fairly common in certain areas of the United States, namely in the northern and Midwest states as well as some of the Rocky Mountain areas. However, no where are they more prolific and trophy-sized than what you can find by journeying out into some of the more remote waterways of Alaska.

The Northern Pike fisheries of Alaska can be found anywhere in Alaska's interior and on out to the Eastern Kenai Peninsula. What you have to be aware of the most is how the climate (or the weather, if you prefer) affects the cycles of the individual regions in Alaska. Climate and weather influences are key factors when it comes to the success (or failure) of a fishing excursion in this state, so keep that in mind when it comes time to plan the trip.

Alaska has been broken up into nine regions where sport fishing is concerned, in the following manner:

1.Anchorage and Matsu Valley

2.Arctic, Yukon, and Kuskokwim

3.Bristol Bay and Kodiak

4.Kenai Peninsula

5.Northern Southeast

6.Prince William Sound

7.Southern Southeast

8.Susitna Valley

9.Tanana Region

Each of these regions offers a diversity of fishing, as well as some of the more unique and indigenous Alaskan varieties. However, the fly fishing opportunities are abundant, no matter what area you decide to visit. The northern interior and the arctic regions tend to be very primitive areas, while the Tanana Region lies in the heart of Alaska. The Northern Southeast region is rich in history dating back to the Klondike days, but also presents a choice of both freshwater and saltwater fishing opportunities. If it's a variety of challenging fishing that tempts you, then the Kenai Peninsula is definitely the place to break out the rod and tackle.

No matter where you venture out into Alaska, you will find a diverse range of excursions to award you with excellent Northern Pike fishing. Fly fishing tournaments can be found in a variety of areas year round in Alaska. If Northern Pike is your target, then by all means, you'll definitely enjoy your Alaska vacation. Trophy Northern Pike excursions can be found by doing a little research, but your due diligence will more than likely pay off.

Look to the Internet when you begin your search. There are many websites offering information on the subject. Make sure to allow plenty of time for the planning stage. Private guides and fishing excursions for Northern Pike tend to fill up rather quickly, so the sooner you book your reservation, the better.

About the Author:Daniel Millions-Real Adventures is meant to give travelers immediate access to reviews and unbiased opinions on Alaska vacations. This service has been incredibly popular, especially for those seeking to find the best value on Alaska cruises.


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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Five Essential Tips to Booking a Stag Weekend in Eastern Europe

When booking your stag weekend in Eastern Europe, you want to make it an occasion to remember: it’s your last moments of freedom and you want to have fun with your mates. Organising a wild weekend of stag nights in Eastern Europe, can be complicated. From choosing your destination, to planning the best places to eat, drink, and take part in action-packed activities. But where do you start? Here are some important tips to help you plan your ultimate stag weekend.

First choosing your destination: preferably somewhere you or anyone in your party hasn’t been before, so you can enjoy a completely new experience. Look for a location that not only has a great nightlife but provides the kind of atmosphere you like: maybe you want a traditional pub atmosphere or you want to explore a range of clubs where you can dance the night away or enjoy a quality striptease or two. Think about the kind of experience you want. For example, Warsaw is an edgy city with a large dose of new, classy establishments where you can drink several types of vodka and take part in an array of activities.

Planning your itinerary is very important, firstly with where you want to stay. It can be difficult finding the right accommodation so it’s best to read up on hotels with good reviews for both service and food. Look for somewhere that is tried and tested and as central as you can get to all the action. You don’t want to be stuck in the middle of nowhere with nothing to do! For example, Riga (known as the “Paris of the North”) has a range of hotels both in the city and on the waterfront, providing you with stunning views to wake up with and feeling refreshed for the next fun-packed day.

When planning the rest of your weekend its best to get a guide. It should be someone who can show you the best places to eat and drink, where all the hot girls are and alternative things to do if you want to be spontaneous. Ideally your guide needs to be someone who is in the leisure and tourism business, has a very good knowledge of local areas, is enthusiastic and speaks good English. A guide can really help you to make the most of your stag weekend.

Your daytime activity is just as important as what you do at night. Again, it’s more fun to try something that none of your party has done before. Do you fancy trying a sauna party to get off to a relaxing start? Or maybe you want to go for the full adrenaline rush. Bratislava offers activities like off-roading where you can get behind the wheel of a 4x4 and tackle a course of extreme obstacles. Or you could get your hands on some powerful guns, such as a semi-automatic 9mm Luger or semi-automatic Scorpio, at a shooting range.

Nightlife is the most important element of a stag weekend. In Krakow, for example, you can experience the city at night with a guided pub-crawl. The concentration of pubs is so dense there’s literally a pub on every corner! The experience can be a varied one too, from having a pint with the locals at a small traditional pub or hitting a glamorous strip bar; Krakow has the lot.

With such a range of destinations, activities and languages to sift through it can be a long and complicated job. If you want the best advice, and to make your weekend truly unforgettable for all the right reasons, then you can speak to a professional company that has experience in organising stag weekends and can put together a package to suit your needs. They can provide simple things like transport from the airport to the hotel, also to and from your activities. With an established company you don’t need to worry about a thing, allowing you to kick back and relax or go wild.

About the Author: Josey Walker - The Founder & Managing Director of party organisers Stag Republic and Hen Nation. Stag Republic have been organising made-to-measure stag weekends abroad and hen weekends in Eastern Europe since 2000. More recently popular destinations include stag weekends in Krakow and Budapest. For interviews, images or comments contact: Josey Walker Stag Republic Phone: 00 3630 34 99 015 Email:


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Monday, November 17, 2008

5 Tips For Travel to Canada

Canada can be a great vacation destination, with its beautiful vistas, wild animals, gorgeous winding roads, and cosmopolitan cities. Even if you travel to Canada on a regular basis, the out this list of five travel tips for Canada.

Tip #1: Bring a Good Travel Guide to Canada

When you travel to any new place, it’s important to carry a good travel guide. Canada is no exception. You can print out a travel guide on line, or you can purchase a well-know travel guide for Canada, such as Lonely Planet.

A good travel guide will give you insight into where to stay, shop, eat, and drive. Plus, it will give you lots of tips about things to do, great night life, and activities that are fun for the whole family. Invest in a good travel guide for Canada, and you won’t be sorry.

Tip #2: Think About the Climate

Before you pack for your travel to Canada, don’t forget to consider the weather. If you’re going to the Maritime Provinces, remember that they tend to be a bit more humid than the provinces in the west. In Halifax, Nova Scotia, you can expect weather that hovers around freezing in winter and is temperate in the summer.

If you are traveling to Canada and staying the mountain areas, you can expect to see a lot of variation in temperature. Layering clothing is helpful in these regions. Conversely, the areas of Vancouver and Victoria are much more temperate and don’t often see freezing temperatures.

Tip # 3: Plan for the Border Crossing

Travel to Canada has gotten a lot more complicated in recent years, as new restrictions on border entry have been imposed. The documentation requirements for travel to Canada are in a constant state of change, so it’s important to check into these requirements before you leave.

For the most up-to-date information on travel to Canada from the US, go to the US Department of State Website.

Tip #4: Understand the Currency

One of the most important travel tips for Canada is the importance of understanding the currency before you go. Canada uses the Canadian dollar, although many border locations will accept American dollars as well. It’s wise to carry traveler’s checks in the Canadian dollar, since they are accepted almost everywhere.

The best exchange rate for currency and traveler’s checks is at the Canadian chartered banks. There are also many ATMs in Canada.

Tip #4: Don’t Forget About the Sales Tax

Like the US, the Canadian government has a sales tax for goods and services. Don’t forget about this tax when planning expenses when you travel to Canada.

Sales tax rates depend on the province. Current sales tax rates for the provinces are as follows:

* No sales tax in Alberta, Nunavut, Northwest Territories, or the Yukon

* 5% sales tax in Saskatchewan

* 7% sales tax in Manitoba and British Columbia

* 7.5% sales tax in Quebec

* 8% sales tax in Ontario

* 10% sales tax on Prince Edward Island

* 13% harmonized sales tax in New Brunswick, Newfoundland, and Nova Scotia

Tip #5: Tips On Tipping

Another important tip about travel to Canada is to understand the way Canadians handle gratuities. Tips are not usually included in restaurant bills. Standard practice is to tip 12% to 15% for good service.

For travel guides in Canada, as well as for tour bus drivers, an acceptable tip is $1 to $2 per day for each person.

About the Author:Amy Nutt-Canadian travel blog features travel tips and resources for Travelers to Canada. For Canadian destination guides, consider Travel Guide Canada.


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Friday, October 17, 2008

Getting Simple Travel Discounts

Many people want to travel, but cannot make it due to the inflation. However, there are many ways to low down your travel costs. Internet is the best place to find discounts on hotels, airfare and car rentals.

Travel companies offer discounts on airline tickets occasionally. Check their websites often for these offers. You may obtain an email about the discount for your dream destination if you register on such a website. Sometimes airline companies do provide discounts on hotel rates through online reservations. These discounts may help you to save about half of the actual cost.

Indirect route of flights help you to save more than the direct flights. If you plan to travel via two planes, then your total airfare may be cheaper than the airfare of the single plane. Sometimes there are packages that merge airfare and hotel rates. The cost of these packages is low than the total cost of airfare and hotel rents, when paid individually. A trio package including airfare, hotel and car rents may help you to save a huge amount of money. Hotels do offer customers with certain travel discounts, who stay for more than one week.

Points to Remember:

The airfare varies from peak hours to midday flights. You may pay low fare at Wednesday and Thursday. Try to avoid booking flights on weekends. You may also find low airfares at off-seasons. It is better to travel at places, when tourist season fades. House rentals are a great replacement for hotels as the rates of house rentals are much lower than hotels.

Another way for travel discounts is online booking. However, there are many restrictions of online booking. Generally, there is no refund system in online booking. Online booking is available only for limited period of time. It helps you to gain extra points on your travel credit card and will help you to save more on purchase of your next ticket with that company.

Travel companies are loaded with offers for children, college students and senior citizens. Children below 14 may not require any fee at theme parks. College students may have the lowest fares for international journey. Students with credit cards may enjoy more benefits of such travel discounts.

Senior citizens may get 50% discounts on airfares and hotel rates. To enjoy these benefits, you have to inquire about any child, student and senior citizen discount programs to your tour organizer. In addition, register yourself and your family members under frequent flier programs. Make sure there is no limitation for any discount programs.

Magazines, newspapers and other general books have different coupons for travel discounts such as hotel discount programs, car rental concession and restaurant discount coupons. If you are planning to visit certain museums, browse over the Internet for their special exhibitions, opening and closing time and their entrance fee. Inquire about any free admission day or about any discounts for children and senior citizens.


Many people focus only on discounts on airfares and hotel rates, and overlook small expenses. However, pay attention to these expenses to save some amount of money for your next grand holiday.

About the Author:Tom Tessin-Find the best travel credit cards and more of Tom's work at FINDairlinecards.


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Friday, October 10, 2008

Hawaii a Surfers Paradise Vacation Destination

The sport of surfing dates back to the 15th century AD when Hawaiians referred to it as "He'enalu" or wave sliding as it is translated. It is no secret that the Hawaiian people are considered to be the Fathers of Surfing. However, most people don't understand what an important facet of Hawaiian lifestyle that the sport really was.

In its beginning, surfing was revered as a sacred ritual and only higher society members were allowed to take part in the activity. The kings and queens of Hawaii were the original surfers, so to speak. However, it is ironic how surfing has evolved to the sport that it is today, as well as how it is enjoyed by people from all walks of life i the general population.

Despite the history, surfing is here to stay and the embodiment of the surfer's paradise can be found on the numerous beaches of Hawaii, but not just any beaches. Despite the fact that there are numerous people that will argue, claiming it doesn't matter what beach you travel to, there are several beach areas that hold the majority of the allure for the serious or competitive surfer. However, if you are truly desirous of an adventure into a surfer's paradise, the following tips will give you a better picture of the choices that abound in Hawaii.

The top destination spot on the list is (and probably always will be) found on the island of Oahu Waikiki Beach. Renowned worldwide for its amazing sunsets, proximity to Diamond Head, and white sand beaches, this two mile strip of beach is a magnet for surfers from all parts of the globe. The downside is that Waikiki is always crowded, so be sure to plan far enough in advance if you want that surfing vacation to be here. You definitely want to pre-book your vacation rentals in Waikiki enough time before your trip.

The number two destination on the list is Lanikai Beach and is also located on Oahu. Lanikai translates as heavenly sea and a truer statement has never been made, considering the sugary colored beaches and the turquoise blue waters that paint the beach landscape. The actual beach spans roughly a mile in length and the locals constantly praise how relaxing it is to swim in the water as well as surf in it.

Hanalei Bay Beach ranks third on the list of popular surfing destinations. Located on the
northern shores of Kauai, there is a part of the beach that spells romance to those that are not just there for the sport itself. Considered to be one of the most romantic beaches in the Island State, Hanalei Bay was meant to be enjoyed by surfers and hopeless romantics alike. Amazing waterfalls, azure-blue waters, lush, emerald-colored mountains, and those bright white sands of the beach area are more than enough to entice anyone into spending time there. On top of that, there is an abundance of vacation rentals.

Finally, Kaanapali, a.k.a. the Black Rock Beach, is located on the western shores of the island of Maui which has become the most increasingly visited island of the chain. For years, it was only Oahu that was the primary destination with maybe a day's adventure planned as a part of the vacation. However, Maui and its charm have definitely altered that mindset in recent years. Kaanapali is a destination that targets and tempts the active vacationer with surfing, snorkeling, swimming, scuba diving, and jet skiing. It's definitely not a vacation spot for those who want to sit idly and watch.

About the Author:Daniel Millions-The site was created as a way of giving travelers rare insight into Hawaii vacations rentals. Through this informative service, travelers are allowed a rare glimpse of the best Hawaii vacations and other Hawaii vacations. The service provides reviews and ratings for the best vacations on the Islands.


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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Tips For Effective Travel

For business meetings or for vacation holidays, people do travel a lot. There are certain things that you ought to remember such as backpacking habits, favorable weather conditions and (Global Positioning System) GPS to make your travel a lot safer.

To make your wilderness tour better, you need to focus on certain backpacking travel tips. For example, while hiking, chances are more to get dehydrated, hence you need to carry at least two bottles of water to avoid dehydration. If there is no water source nearby your hiking zone, then make sure that you drink enough water. Urine indicates the level of dehydration. Urine may be bright yellow in color, if you are feeling dehydrated.

Effective Travel Tips:

Look at the weather conditions frequently. It is good if you charge your cell phone battery fully. Turn on your cell phone only in emergency cases. A GPS unit may help to give you appropriately in the direction of your journey.

One more vital tip, while hiking or wild tour is to have a good quality tent, because this will be your home throughout your journey. Make sure the tent you will be using is light in weight and must be capable to protect you from weather conditions. Good tents have enough space.

When traveling with your family, it will be better to take suggestions from your kids or parents to select the location for holidays.

Security consulting agencies have rated few countries as world’s most dangerous countries for tourists. These ratings are given based on certain factors such as terrorism, kidnapping, criminality rate and geopolitical instability.

Travelers/tourists need to avoid visiting these countries. If you still wish to visit these places, then travel with professional bodyguards only. Countries such as Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan are among the world’s dangerous countries.

Another one of the most beneficial travel tips is to insure your life under a travel insurance policy, especially when you are travel in such dangerous countries.

Many travel insurance providers offer travel insurance plans for these types of journeys. Insurance agencies may cancel your policy under Federal recommendations in some places. In addition, these plans may not cover injuries due to terrorist activities or war situations. Look for those plans that also include medical coverage.

Other Vital Travel Tips:

You may rent a car for traveling on roads. There are few tips to save money on fuel, as fuel prices are increasing day-by-day. If you are traveling alone, a small-sized car may be the perfect choice as small cars give more mileage. Cars with manual transmission have more power and more mileage than cars with automatic transmission. In addition, renting a car with automatic transmission is high. A GPS enabled car saves lots of time and money to travel through the routes you want. Next, depending on the location you intend to tour, decide whether to use an air-conditioned car or non air-conditioned car.

Nowadays, airlines conduct stern security procedures. Therefore, ensure you step in the airport well before your scheduled time of departure.

h the routes you want. Next, depending on the location you intend to tour, decide whether to use an air-conditioned car or non air-conditioned car.

Nowadays, airlines conduct stern security procedures. Therefore, ensure you step in the airport well before your scheduled time of departure.

About the Author:Tom Tessin-Find airline miles credit cards and more of Tom's work at FINDairlinecards.


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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Planning Online Travel Routes

Most travelers will select airline fares that priced low because of the route the airline uses to get people from one location to another. The traveler might know ahead of time that any flight departing the airport in the town where they live will be higher than if the traveler chose an airport location that was further away. These travelers will book flights from the other town in order to keep travel costs down. While these routes may inconvenience the customer some, it is the only travel method offered that would make certain that the travel is affordable.

People that travel extensively throughout the world will be planning online travel routes that reduce the amount of time that a traveler waits between flights in airports. Many flights have a definitive lag between the arrival and departure times of connecting flights, and business people know that this waiting time could mean a missed meeting if there were any delays due to weather conditions or mechanical malfunctions. Most business travelers plan around these possibilities by booking direct flights to a chosen destination.

Other travelers are extremely budget conscious about airline fares and the routes offered to destinations far from home. These travelers will spend the better part of the day planning online travel routes that are the cheapest, while still visiting cities that they are familiar with. The airport hubs in Georgia, Illinois, and Texas will be considered when reducing travel time, and most travelers will review each airports history of delaying flights due to weather or mechanical issues before selecting a low fare online. The airlines that have older planes in use will also receive consideration.

When planning online travel routes, a seasoned traveler will consider which services each airline offers during the flight. Some business travelers will make it a habit to fly with airlines that provide movies during the flight because this form of entertainment might help to take the edge off a rigorous travel schedule. The services provided in the first class section of the aircraft might lure some business passengers to upgrade to first class, and planning online travel routes with longer flights will make this upgrade more beneficial to the passenger.

Planning online travel routes during the holiday period is crucial to travelers who do not relish sleeping in airports. Most bad weather conditions can be avoided if airline passengers selected other airports to make flight connections. Planning online travel routes around airports that are famous for weather delays will ensure that holiday sharing will commence without a hitch when the traveler arrives at the final destination. Those travelers that cannot avoid travel to the North during wintertime will come prepared to deal with any delays by packing a warm blanket and a pillow.

People are discovering many benefits to planning online travel routes using travel management tools as a guide. Busy travelers are finding that the encrypted software keeps personal information and payment methods available for ease of use while booking airline flights, rental cars, and hotel accommodations. Other people use the software tools to search for the best flights and pinpoint the delays. Planning online travel routes around problem zones is one of the reasons why people are flying out of town to visit friends more regularly these days.

About the Author: James Brown writes about on-line coupons, on-line coupons and on-line coupons


Thursday, August 28, 2008

How to Find Relaxing Private Florida Vacations

For years, Florida vacations have been synonymous with a great getaway. Whether it's a summer vacation trip to take in Walt Disney World, or escaping all the snow during the winter or Spring Break, Florida has always been the hot spot whose tropical weather has attracted millions year after year.

The best way to enjoy that adventure has always been and probably always will be a relaxing and private Florida vacation rental. But how do you figure out which one to choose? After all, the assortment of these secluded getaways is nothing short of abundant once you start looking.

Private vacation rentals are ideal for a small family because realistically, you can find an abode that provides a separate room for you and the wife (together, of course) and one for each of the children. Depending on the expense factor and your budget, the brother/sister combo in the same room may happen, but if you can afford it and avoid it, try to find a rental that has separate rooms for each of the children.

Another important point to think about is that there is a lot to see and do in Florida and some destinations that are inland, versus on the beach. Just remember that a trip to Florida is not complete without seeing the ocean and the Florida shores that it sweeps up against, so when searching for that perfect vacation rental, look towards the beach.

To continue with that thought about staying at the beach, remember that there is the Atlantic side as well as the Gulf side to investigate. Don't ever sell the Gulf side short it can be just as pleasurable a getaway destination as the Atlantic side. Probably the best beach areas to look at are Maui Florida Keys, Destin Fort Lauderdale Daytona and Fort Myers Beach.

These five areas tend to get a little over-trafficked. However, with smart advanced planning you can find nice relaxing and private Florida vacation rentals in every location listed. Some of the best beach rentals are available at these locations, and you can find a rental property to suit everyone's tastes, as well as the needs of the family. Whether you're looking for a compact single bedroom, a nice 2-bedroom apartment, or even luxury homes with more than five bedrooms, you should be able to find it at any of these locations.

Here is some more food for thought when planning your Florida vacations: Think about the type of vacation that you want to take. Will you want to play golf while you're vacationing, or are you looking for more of an Island Paradise theme? The golf thing is great if the wife and you enjoy it, but what about the children? This is one of the reasons why the Island type of getaway is great. It's pure family time and a great way for you and the family to reconnect from the busy lives that you lead at home.

Finally, you want to make sure that wherever you stay, it is a safe and secure location. Also, never compromise on the cleanliness issue and make sure that all the appliances work in the vacation rental as well. Just remember that no matter what style of vacation you're looking for relaxing and private Florida vacation rentals are by far your best option for taking that time away from the busy life.

About the Author:Daniel Millions-Real Adventures aims to provide travelers with a one-stop location for the best reviews and ratings for Florida vacations rentals. Now, travelers have instant access to vital information and feedback for numerous Florida vacation rentals and Florida vacations.


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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Practical Travel Tips to Save Money on the Road

You being on the road equates to you spending money. Of course, you can always hitchhike but that can be downright dangerous; you can paw through trash for food but that is uber unhealthy; you can bed down on any available bench but that can lead to vagrancy. There are other imaginative ways to save money on the road short of begging and stealing. Hold on to your leather money clip!

Beware of Gourmet

True gourmet food is usually expensive, not just because of the ingredients but also because of the care of preparation, not to mention the ambience you pay for. But on the road, gourmet can mean a totally different experience.

Often, you will be served frozen TV dinner that has been nuked in the microwave. It is then placed on porcelain plates, served on your table with complete dinner settings, and a glass of house wine and voila! You have "gourmet" food taxing your humble leather money clip.

It is to your best interest, both your digestive system and your leather money clip, to order take out and eat inside your car or your motel room. You will save money.

Room Security

When stuck in a dubious motel, you can turn on the TV on a respectable volume, place a "Do not disturb" sign outside your door, lock the door and take your dinner outside (if you can find a restaurant with no "gourmet" on it). Hopefully, the maid and her boyfriend will take the hint and keep away from stealing your suit and the leather money clip hidden in its front pocket. And hurry back!

Be Specific with Your Food Orders

You have to specify your order to the waitress. Your failure to do so would result in wasted food, and consequently wasted money. Let her repeat your order and correct her if necessary, but ever politely so.

When paying, do not brandish your wallet about. Just discreetly get your leather money clip out (yes, the one with money just enough for a meal) and pay the bill from it. This way, you will not be tempted to tip your waitress more than you wanted to.

Stock up on Quarters

The modern saying about a traveler setting out in America without a pocketful of quarters is like a soldier with ammunition is very, very true. You have to pay with coins at toll booths, newspaper boxes, and vending machines, among other quarter-hungry contraptions.

Always pay in paper money as much as possible. If the cashier is friendly enough, you can request him to trade your paper money into quarters. Obviously, you will need a coin purse since your leather money clip is useless in this area.

How can this save you money? Well, when you eat your food from vending machines you usually only settle for chips and a soda, mainly because you are presented with very little choice. If you compare that to shopping at a goodies-laden grocery store where you will be tempted to splurge, you will get a better idea of how this method can save you money.

These tips are meant to help you save money. In the end, your miserly ways will save you from arriving at your destination as poor as the church rat.

About the Author:Bradlley Mckoy-On your travels, be sure to bring your business card holder for those unexpected windfall of new clients, your engraved Zippos for emergency fire needs, and your leather money clip to keep your paper money safe. Find all of these at!


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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Tips For Planning Your Next Road Trip

Are you the type of person that throws caution to the wind and jumps in their car, truck, RV or motorcycle and heads off into the sunset on some unknown adventure? Or you the type that plans every detail of a trip out including the number of socks needed, where each stop will be made and exactly how much gas money is needed to get from point A to point B? Whatever your personality is, there are some perks and perhaps some aversions to disaster to planning a trip ahead of time.

Vehicle Maintenance

Breaking down alongside the road may put a damper on the spontaneity of any spur of the moment trip. So before you hop into that car, think about whether or not your car is up-to-date on maintenance. If you are handy with a wrench then you can check the tires, brakes, oil and windshield wiper fluid yourself. If not, then take it to an auto shop to have routine maintenance done while you pack.

Check Your Wallet

A few bucks aren’t going to get you anywhere nowadays. So make sure you have enough cash for gas, food, sleeping accommodations, souvenirs and emergencies. A credit card for those unexpected emergencies is also a good idea.

Be Sure and Pack the Essentials and Then Some

Of course, you could just go with the clothes on your back but after a few days people might not want to be around you much. So pack some clothes, toiletries, medications, and bathing suit or snowsuit depending on where you are headed.

Have a Map on Hand

Even if you have no real itinerary, it’s important to at least know where you are and how to get back home. So take a map with you or have your GPS system handy.

Keep the Communication Open

Although you are trying to get a way from it all, it is important for certain people to be able to reach you if there is an emergency. So make sure you let someone know where you will be going, a phone number they can reach you and when you will be returning.

Traveling With Kids

If you have kids then you probably know that a spontaneous trip is almost impossible. You can’t leave home without the diapers or the playpen. It seems like you have to pack every thing but the kitchen sink! So a well thought out travel plan is probably a better solution. Also pack some snacks for the kids and bring along some other things to amuse such as:

• Games to play along the way

• Toys and books

• DVD player with movies

• Pillows and blankets to encourage napping

Items to Keep Handy in Your Car

Make sure you have an emergency safety kit handy in your car for your road trip for those unexpected bee stings and scraps. It is also a good idea make sure you have jumper cables, a spare tire, and tool kit in your truck in case you do break down. Hopefully you won’t need any of these things on your trip but it is better to be safe than sorry.

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Friday, August 8, 2008

Online Travel Combinations

It is actually very each to make online travel comparisons when all travel information is made available to a consumer. People have so many choices in travel to make though and finding the cheapest fares might require travelers to make the right online travel combinations. The lowest prices might not provide travelers with exactly what they need for a trip, but by looking at which travel combinations are available at any moment, a traveler can make the right decision for any travel taken during the year.

Some travel bargains consist of travel modes negotiated by a travel agent. The bargain pricing reflects online travel combinations such as seating in coach with no frills offered on airline flights. The lodging accommodations included in these travel bargains are not luxurious but are comfortable and value priced. Customers who choose to book these online travel combinations are assured of low prices and all of the conveniences of home for a short while. Long-term lodging would be used for other online travel combinations that are most suitable for families in transit.

Large families could select online travel combinations that provide car rentals in the deal that will seat more than four persons comfortably. The lodging selections for online travel combinations that will accommodate large families would be hotel suites. Online travel shoppers could use internet search engines to locate hotels that are equipped with large suites that have space to sleep everyone under one roof. Some modifications to lodging could allow a family to cook meals in the room to save meal costs during a cross-country vacation.

Some online travel combinations will allow hundreds of people to travel together. Cruise ships provide groups traveling together an unlimited number of ways to combine business with pleasure. Travelers can book accommodations in a luxurious stateroom or select a suite with an ocean view and balcony. All travelers on cruises have the option of dressing for dinner, gambling in onboard casinos, and going ashore at every port the liner pulls into. Family travel can be combined with some alone time when parents dance in the night away at the disco onboard.

Some passengers on a cruise line might select online travel combinations that allow debarkation in foreign ports and a rental car to tour Europe in for a week or more. The online travel plans could include overnight stays at bed and breakfasts in Great Britain and a hostel in Germany. Some travelers prefer to travel by rail, and can use these online travel combinations to see many parts of the countries that regular tourists would miss, since the combination they chose would deliver the traveler to an airport with a fantastic rail system.

Online travel combinations allow vacationers to personalize travel plans. Most travelers want more control over what sites are visited on a trip but some travelers will combine itineraries with other people at times and save money by traveling on tour buses to tourists sites at very little expense. With these travel combinations, tourists can choose to explore shops and see as much scenery as they want. People can converse with locals in pubs, visit museums, and local hot spots that were recommended during mealtime. Using online travel combinations to get the best deals will present travelers with some options.

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Monday, July 7, 2008

Which Hawaiian Island Should You Visit?

Are you interested in taking a trip to Hawaii? If you are, you will have a number of choices to make. One of the most important choices is that of your destination. Do you know which Hawaiian island you want to visit?

Although deciding on a vacation destination may seem like a simple choice, it isn’t always. Why? Because Hawaii is filled with so many great destinations, as well as a number of beautiful islands that make great vacation locations.

Before deciding on a Hawaii Island to visit, it is important to examine the purpose of your trip. Are you traveling to visit with friends or family members? Are you looking to relocate to Hawaii and want to scout out the area first? Are you attending a special event, such as a destination wedding? If so, you will want to stay on the same island, as this reduces your travel time and costs. Although it doesn’t mean that you can’t visit the other islands, as inter-island flights are offered for a reasonable fee.

If you have the freedom to choose which Hawaiian island you want to vacation on, it is recommended that you do a little bit of research first. This research involves examining available hotels, Hawaii vacation rentals and attractions. Typically, activities aren’t a big concern, as most of the islands allow you to enjoy the same activities, such as swimming, surfing, hiking, sailing, and kayaking.

When it comes to Hawaii vacations, Big Island is a popular choice. Due to its large size, many tourists are pleased with the large number of attractions that can be found onsite. These attractions include the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, Mauna Kea, and the Waipio Valley.

The Hawaii Volcanoes National Park is one of the most popular tourist attractions in all of Hawaii. Whether it be by car, bike, or foot, you can see for yourself the impact that volcanoes have had on the land. Be sure to visit and walk through the Thurston Lava Tube. Mauna Kea is a dormant volcano and it is near Mauna Loa, which is the largest mountain in the world, according to measurements that start at the floor of the ocean.

Oahu is another island that is a popular destination for Hawaii vacations. Although anyone can enjoy the island, it is often referred to as a surfer’s paradise. This is due in part to the amazing surfing conditions that are found on the North Shore. In fact, it is home to multiple surfing competitions and it is not uncommon to spot a professional surfer practicing their trade.

In addition to the North Shore, Oahu is filled with other great attractions, many of which are perfect for individuals of all ages. Pearl Harbor is considered a must visit. You can pay your respect to fallen service men and women by visiting a number of memorial sites, including the USS Arizona Memorial. The Iolani Palace and the Diamond Head Crater are other popular attractions.

As with all of the islands, Maui is another great destination for a Hawaii vacation. There you will find the Hana Highway. A drive up and down this highway is recommended, as what you will see will amaze you. Views of beautiful plants, flowers, waterfalls, historic bridges, and the ocean are what you will find. The Iao Valley State Park, the Haleakala National Park, and the Banyan Tree are other popular attractions.

As for the island of Kauai, it is also home to a number of must visit attractions. Kauai is often referred to as the perfect destination for those looking for fun and adventure. On the island, you can kayak down the Wailua River, which is one of the few navigable rivers in all of Hawaii. An eleven-mile hike is required to gain the full experience of visiting the Napali Coast, but the time and energy required is more than worth it. The coast, however, can also be viewed by boat or by air.

The islands of Oahu, Kauai, Maui, and Big Island are by far the most popular Hawaii vacation destinations, but they are not your only options. If you are looking to explore the truly natural elements of Hawaii, the islands of Molokai and Lanai should be examined. Compared to the other islands, it appears as if they haven’t been affected by commercialization.

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Friday, July 4, 2008

Cheapest Travel Deals

While last minute travel deals are usually the cheapest travel deals, many will not fit into the travel schedules of families. Families will have many people traveling to one location and the cheapest travel deals might require some negotiations. A parent might find a travel deal that allows a child to fly free, but when using search engines to find travel deals, the blackout dates for such offers make traveling in this manner unmanageable for families with children in school.

Last minute travel deals would be perfect for people traveling solo. The cheapest travel deals can be found for various modes of travel. Travel tools will allow travelers to compare prices for traveling by air, automobile or train. A traveler with some time on their hands might find that traveling in standby mode is the cheapest travel deal available at that moment. A seasoned traveler with an internet connection and a laptop or personal digital device might see other travel bargains come available while they are waiting at the airport.

Some families have a lot of fun discovering which travel deals are on the internet. Children will get an education while navigating through various travel sites because there are plenty of things to learn about the world from the online travel brochures on many sites. Children will discover the cheapest travel deals and learn how expensive traveling can be. When tickets are booked online, children are also able to learn all about online payment procedures for the cheapest travel deals.

Some of the cheapest travel deals will not include paper tickets. Travel customers used to travel safe and secure knowing that a paper ticket was in the coat pocket. Ticketing procedures have changed dramatically to keep travel costs low and travelers now must travel and feel secure by memorizing an electronic ticket confirmation number. Some air flights are cheaper because no meals are served on the flight and others will be cheaper because a propeller powers the airplane.

Some business travelers find the cheapest travel deals through the frequent flyer programs they join. Since these travelers are on the road all the time, there are certain points for travel that will accrue over time. These points can be later converted to traveling by air at no cost to the customer. These cheap travel deals might take months to earn but customers bide the time patiently while they watch the points add up. Some points will be gained for dining, lodging and air travel throughout the year and the free ticket will make waiting seem very worthwhile.

Some last minute travel deals are designed for the traveler that does not want to drive during the trip. Travelers have the choice of paying low prices for long range bus service or the traveler can find cheap travel deals that include sleeping accommodations onboard a train. The traveler that wants plenty of time to see sights along a particular travel route might prefer the cheapest travel deals on the planet, which will require traveling with tour groups to a desired destination.

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