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Cast Your Reel For Northern Pike on an Alaska Vacation

Sport fishing has been steeped in popularity for decades. It's a common assumption when one refers to sport fishing that they are always thinking about marlin, sailfish, or swordfish, a.k.a. the saltwater varieties of trophy-sized fish. However, you are definitely missing the boat (no pun intended) if you think all the excitement is reserved exclusively for ocean fishing. There is much excitement to be had with a freshwater fishing vacation - especially if you journey to Alaska in search of the Northern Pike.

Northern Pike are found to be fairly common in certain areas of the United States, namely in the northern and Midwest states as well as some of the Rocky Mountain areas. However, no where are they more prolific and trophy-sized than what you can find by journeying out into some of the more remote waterways of Alaska.

The Northern Pike fisheries of Alaska can be found anywhere in Alaska's interior and on out to the Eastern Kenai Peninsula. What you have to be aware of the most is how the climate (or the weather, if you prefer) affects the cycles of the individual regions in Alaska. Climate and weather influences are key factors when it comes to the success (or failure) of a fishing excursion in this state, so keep that in mind when it comes time to plan the trip.

Alaska has been broken up into nine regions where sport fishing is concerned, in the following manner:

1.Anchorage and Matsu Valley

2.Arctic, Yukon, and Kuskokwim

3.Bristol Bay and Kodiak

4.Kenai Peninsula

5.Northern Southeast

6.Prince William Sound

7.Southern Southeast

8.Susitna Valley

9.Tanana Region

Each of these regions offers a diversity of fishing, as well as some of the more unique and indigenous Alaskan varieties. However, the fly fishing opportunities are abundant, no matter what area you decide to visit. The northern interior and the arctic regions tend to be very primitive areas, while the Tanana Region lies in the heart of Alaska. The Northern Southeast region is rich in history dating back to the Klondike days, but also presents a choice of both freshwater and saltwater fishing opportunities. If it's a variety of challenging fishing that tempts you, then the Kenai Peninsula is definitely the place to break out the rod and tackle.

No matter where you venture out into Alaska, you will find a diverse range of excursions to award you with excellent Northern Pike fishing. Fly fishing tournaments can be found in a variety of areas year round in Alaska. If Northern Pike is your target, then by all means, you'll definitely enjoy your Alaska vacation. Trophy Northern Pike excursions can be found by doing a little research, but your due diligence will more than likely pay off.

Look to the Internet when you begin your search. There are many websites offering information on the subject. Make sure to allow plenty of time for the planning stage. Private guides and fishing excursions for Northern Pike tend to fill up rather quickly, so the sooner you book your reservation, the better.

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