Thursday, August 28, 2008

How to Find Relaxing Private Florida Vacations

For years, Florida vacations have been synonymous with a great getaway. Whether it's a summer vacation trip to take in Walt Disney World, or escaping all the snow during the winter or Spring Break, Florida has always been the hot spot whose tropical weather has attracted millions year after year.

The best way to enjoy that adventure has always been and probably always will be a relaxing and private Florida vacation rental. But how do you figure out which one to choose? After all, the assortment of these secluded getaways is nothing short of abundant once you start looking.

Private vacation rentals are ideal for a small family because realistically, you can find an abode that provides a separate room for you and the wife (together, of course) and one for each of the children. Depending on the expense factor and your budget, the brother/sister combo in the same room may happen, but if you can afford it and avoid it, try to find a rental that has separate rooms for each of the children.

Another important point to think about is that there is a lot to see and do in Florida and some destinations that are inland, versus on the beach. Just remember that a trip to Florida is not complete without seeing the ocean and the Florida shores that it sweeps up against, so when searching for that perfect vacation rental, look towards the beach.

To continue with that thought about staying at the beach, remember that there is the Atlantic side as well as the Gulf side to investigate. Don't ever sell the Gulf side short it can be just as pleasurable a getaway destination as the Atlantic side. Probably the best beach areas to look at are Maui Florida Keys, Destin Fort Lauderdale Daytona and Fort Myers Beach.

These five areas tend to get a little over-trafficked. However, with smart advanced planning you can find nice relaxing and private Florida vacation rentals in every location listed. Some of the best beach rentals are available at these locations, and you can find a rental property to suit everyone's tastes, as well as the needs of the family. Whether you're looking for a compact single bedroom, a nice 2-bedroom apartment, or even luxury homes with more than five bedrooms, you should be able to find it at any of these locations.

Here is some more food for thought when planning your Florida vacations: Think about the type of vacation that you want to take. Will you want to play golf while you're vacationing, or are you looking for more of an Island Paradise theme? The golf thing is great if the wife and you enjoy it, but what about the children? This is one of the reasons why the Island type of getaway is great. It's pure family time and a great way for you and the family to reconnect from the busy lives that you lead at home.

Finally, you want to make sure that wherever you stay, it is a safe and secure location. Also, never compromise on the cleanliness issue and make sure that all the appliances work in the vacation rental as well. Just remember that no matter what style of vacation you're looking for relaxing and private Florida vacation rentals are by far your best option for taking that time away from the busy life.

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