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Why Take a Self Drive Golf Holiday in Northern France

Whether you want to take the Eurotunnel under the channel for an early tee time, or sail across and spend a longer holiday amongst the available holes, self drive golf holidays in France are incredibly enjoyable and well worth the trip. We examine why you should chose to drive yourself across the channel and some of the many benefits this kind of holiday brings…

Why Take a Self Drive Golf Holiday in Northern France

Northern France offers some of the best golfing holidays and experiences in the world. From luxurious hotels to immaculate courses, the region is overflowing with opportunities for avid golfers, especially if you want to travel to more than one of the great courses on offer. We look at some of the reasons to take a self drive golf holiday to Northern France, and the many advantages this type of holiday brings…


One of the main reasons to go on a self drive golf holiday to Northern France is the various speeds with which you can get there. If you decide to, you can take a long cruise across the channel, taking in the coasts of Britain and France and enjoying the trip to the full. However, if like most of us you can’t wait to be out on the fairway, you can take the Eurotunnel. At 35 minutes from Folkstone to Calais, you can be at your destination less than an hour after you depart (depending on relative distances). This also means that with some careful planning you can take a half day, be on the course by the afternoon, spend the evening at the clubhouse or local hotel and then be back at work the next day.


Another great reason for taking your car on a golf holiday in France is the flexibility it offers you. Taking your own car means less time worrying about the minutiae of how you get to the course and more time on the course itself.

Taking your car also gives you more flexibility when it comes to accommodation; not waiting for a taxi, chauffer or transfer means you can stay in the hotel of your choice, be it linked with the clubhouse, in the next town, or even a boutique hotel further into the Normandy countryside. It also makes your French golf holiday more tailored to your needs – if you want to get to the course earlier or leave a little later; you are in control with your own car.

Choice of courses

Taking your own car has another added benefit on a golf holiday in France, that of choice of courses to play on. While you obviously choose which course you want to play on, if you want to play on more than one over the period of your golf holiday, a car is invaluable. Booking the tee time of your choice at several of Northern France’s gorgeous and prestigious golf courses presents a problem unless you can actually get there, and being autonomous with your own transport makes this much easier.

Taking a self-drive golf holiday in Northern France gives you the flexibility, choice and luxury you deserve on your holidays. It also provides you with the control over where you go, at what time, and for how long as opposed to being at the mercy of deadlines and leaving times from shuttles and hotel taxis.

About the Author: Morgan Clarke is the Managing Director of French Golf Holidays - a company that has been providing incredible golf holidays in France for over 25 years. This award-winning specialist tour operator is determined to offer the best possible golf holidays in France to everyone from experienced golfers to complete novices.


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